3-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kits with 0.65X Wide Angle/20X Macro/160 Fisheye Lens Clip for Almost All Phones

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Premium 3-in-1 Lens Kit

Constructed with a universal detachable clip, it can be attached to most smart phones and even tablets or laptops.  A perfect combination for capturing travel scenery, broad landscape, detailed close-ups and unique selfies.

Fisheye Lens

A 160 fisheye lens enables ultra-wide angle shots and produces strong visual distortion, creating a wide panoramic image. It achieves extremely wide angles of view by forgoing straight lines of perspective, opting instead for a special mapping that gives images a characteristic convex non-rectilinear appearance.

0.65X Wide Angle Lens

With this super-wide angle lens, you can photograph the big scene, capture a smaller scene in a limited amount of space, and create a close-to-subject perspective that gives the viewer a sense of presence in the photo.

20X Macro Lens

With this macro lens, you can explore tiny worlds by shooting extreme close-up photos of small objects like insects, flowers, or water droplets. It also gives you the ability to view some of the things that are seen every day from an extremely close, almost otherworldly perspective.


  • Fisheye Lens: 0.35X 160 
  • Wide-angle Lens: 0.65X 110 
  • Macro Lens: 20X 110 
  • Net Weight: 23.7g