3-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kits with 3 Adjustable Brightness Beauty LED Flash Light/ 15X Macro Lens/ 0.4-0.6X Wide Angle Lens

  • $34.85

3-in-1 HD Camera Lens Kit

Constructed with a universal detachable clip, it can be attached to most smart phones and even tablets or laptops.

Adjustable LED Flash Lights

    You can easily press the button on the flashlight and choose between 3 levels of brightness works well when taking the perfect photo in a dim or dark place.

    Charged by a USB cable and once fully charged the LED lights can last about 1.5 hours.

    Wide-angle Lens

      0.4X-0.6X wide angle with ultra-low distortion. This can largely expand the field of view and enable you to capture more details for those moments you want to last.

      Note: When taking pictures it is suggested that the Wide Angle Lens be used in a wide-open area in order to get the best photos.

      15X Macro Lens

        Easily remove the Wide Angle Lens and you have the Macro Lens. With it you can get very impressive enlargements of small objects.

        You can get better and clearer photos when 1-2 cm away from the object.

        Package Includes:

        1x 0.4-0.6X Wide Angle Lens

        1 x 15X Macro Lens

        1 x 10 LED Flash Light

        1 x Universal Clip

        2 x Lens Cover

        1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

        1 x Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth Bag


        • Wide angle: 100-140 
        • Macro: 15X
        • LED Lights: 10pcs
        • Input: VC5V/1A
        • Charging time: 1h
        • Working time: 1.5h
        • Applicable: Most mobile phones, tablets or laptops.
        • Note: The view angle would change as per the FOV of different cellphones
        • Colors: Black, Silver, Golden, Rose